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The Global InterviewFreelance service providers talking about their areas of expertise…

The Global Interview was an idea that came out of several online forums where freelance service providers were becoming concerned about the level of background knowledge many outsourcing employers had about their areas of expertise. It became apparent that the difficulties were in areas of project planning and management, selecting the best freelancers and maintaining communication after the hire.

FreelancersElite.com set out to survey a wide range of individuals to get feedback about these areas of inquiry, the Global Interview attracted freelancers from many different countries, levels of experience and hourly rates. It is hoped that the information in the following pages will offer some assistance to anyone who is interested in how to outsource or becoming an online freelancer

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Sebastian Ilinca Serah Githinji Samuel Njoroge Melody Viarino Divya Shravanthi Dexter Camba Gemma Hereter Siddharth Singh

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Outsourcing Networking & Information Systems
Outsourcing Oracle Database Administration by S M Shafiqul Islam
Outsourcing Audio/Video & Multimedia
Outsourcing Presentation Design by Tahsin Hossain
Outsourcing Sales & Marketing
Outsourcing Market Research by Sulaiman Zuberi
Outsourcing Sales & Marketing
Outsourcing Online Marketing by Gemma Hereter
Outsourcing Administrative Support
Outsourcing Data Entry Services by Michelle Tayo
Outsourcing Administrative Support
Outsourcing Customer Services by Arif Hasan
Outsourcing Networking & Information Systems
Outsourcing GIS Specialist Services by Dennis Ojwang
Outsourcing Audio/Video & Multimedia
Outsourcing Sound Design Services by Chip Johnson
Outsourcing Administrative Support
Outsourcing Web Research Services by Katherine Biasbas
Outsourcing Business Services
Outsourcing Paralegal Services by Rutchel Cusi
Outsourcing Networking & Information Systems
Outsourcing Database Design Services by Ayesha Malik
Outsourcing Writing Services
Outsourcing Research Papers by Muntaha Fiaz
Outsourcing Networking & Information Systems
Outsourcing Oracle Development by Mahmoud Kandeel

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  • Serah GithinjiSerah Githinji

    “Freelancers should turn in assignments on time and write clean copy that requires minimal editing.” Sarah Githinji is a Commerce graduate from Kenya. She also has a Master’s degree in Purchasing and Supplies Management. Her expertise includes conducting job analysis, planning personnel needs, recruitment, orienting and training, managing wages and salaries, evaluating performance, resolving disputes and communicating with employees at all levels. Aside from that, she has experience in Procurement Services. It means that people management and public relations are some of her qualities that could be productive for the interest of the organization and its employees. Freelancing for her means that her time would be spent on things she wants to do.

  • Katrina MabiniKatrina Mabini

    “Pour your passion in everything you do. Do not do this for the money, do it for improvement. “ Katrina Mabini is a Creative Writer from the Philippines. Her areas of expertise are creative, article, content, short-story, resumé, biography and script writing. She started writing very young and even got published twice. She is very passionate and particular in her works. She chooses well-fitted words to express her story and convert them to a worthy reading material. She believes that both parties can benefit from the partnership because the employer gets the job done and the employee gets paid by doing what they do best.

  • Ayesha Malik

    “It is important to update skills as time goes by due to the increasing competition in the world of technology.” Ayesha Malik is a Database Designer from Pakistan. Ayesha’s expertise includes using MS Access, SQL Server, providing database analysis, design and development. That is only naming a few of the software that she can operate well. She is also knowledgeable in desktop applications, management systems and information systems. She can also use other programming tools to help her in making the order better. Ayesha is highly technical so we can be certain that she will do the job excellently. She likes freelancing because she can control her schedule and have a flexible time for her interests.

  • Muhammed AzizMuhammed Aziz

    “Freelancing is a good way to get work done, if done properly. It helps to save time and money as well.” Muhammed Usama Aziz is a freelance Software Developer from Pakistan. He specializes in cultivating desktop applications and developing software that is efficient for the users. He has just started freelancing but is willing to provide services from his programming expertise with the use of .NET and Microsoft Dynamics AXI. He has educational background in Information Technology and Computer Science and that’s why he can attack the problem via practical or academic way. Freelancing for him means honing his skills and giving an excellent service to the clients without a hassle.

  • Mariano DuyosMariano Duyos

    “Do some research; don’t jump right into the business if you don’t know how it works.” Mariano Duyos is an illustrator, artist and graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His strengths are illustration and conversion of conceptual arts into solid outcomes like t-shirt designs, mascots and interpretation of the concepts given by clients. He can also do cartooning, 2D and 3D illustration and vectors. Aside from those qualifications, he came from a family of artists so that means that he is used to meeting deadlines and making high-quality works. Freelancing for Mariano means that he could control his level of responsibility with assignments that are given to him.

  • Yash MantriYash Mantri

    “Outsourcing is the Key to Success Today “ Yash Mantri is from India. He is a professionally a "Chartered Accountant" and "Company Secretary" having expertise in the areas Accounting and Finance. He specializes in Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping, Financial Analysis, Financial Modeling, Project Management and Business Analysis. He is efficient, professional and highly experienced who is working for the Businesses across the globe. He is also man who has been continuously recognized for his work as well. He says that- "He does not Pitch for the Work, but for the Customer Relationship, the work will automatically originate".

  • Arif HasanArif Hasan

    “I feel pretty good while serving my customers as an online freelancer. It gives me a very good impression over my career and I feel my customers are my life. Their happiness excites me in terms of providing good service.” Arif Hasan is a customer services expert from Bangladesh. He specializes in email handling, being a call center agent/marketing agent, administrative support, etc. He makes sure to provide his customers the best service while fulfilling their needs. His main purpose is to keep his customers happy and well informed in all aspects. He is patient, a good listener and adviser, has good time management skills, and always has a positive outlook towards his job.

  • Margaret BarvinekMargaret Barvinek

    “One of the hardest tasks to handle is one of the easiest things to do if you train yourself right.” Margaret Barvinek is an Association Manager from the United States. Margaret’s above average knowledge in the area of Management incorporated with her skills in organization, customer service, delegating, humor, resourcefulness, minutes and financial support makes her exceptional. Although she hasn't yet to experience the life in freelancing, she makes up for it with 22 years of experience working as an Executive Officer and held positions in other entrepreneurial-related jobs after that. She says that a freelancer must be able to use their high activity in social media as an advantage.

  • Michael BernaldoMichael Bernaldo

    “Draw from a vast pool of talent. You'll be able to choose for both competitive price and quality.” Michael Bernaldo is an Audio and Video Transcriptionist from the Philippines. Michael’s specialty is audio/video file conversion, accurate written transcription of the audio/video files, high-quality and client-oriented works. His experience in being a photo-processing shop owner gives him a plus because he is able to ensure the client that he has reputable skills in completing and understanding the project correctly. He also has experience in customer service proving that he can handle the project well. Freelancing for him is rewarding because he values the trust of the customer and the employer.

  • Samuel NjorogeSamuel Njoroge

    “Entrepreneurs like Brad Callen, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg all started with small firms and finally grew to big online companies.” Samuel Njoroge is a writer from Kenya. He specializes in Academic writing, Article writing, Copy-writing, Content writing, Creative writing, blogging, and News processing. Nonetheless, he can also provide Finance Reports, Ledgers/Corporate Annual Reports, Customer Information Services, News/Journalism Services, Professional Resumes and Cover Letters. These can be in the form of APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago. Aside from being a writer, Samuel is also a computer technician and a music producer. For him, creating mutual understanding and trust between client and freelancer is important. He says that freelancing is an opportunity to prove his skills and to become a professional writer.

  • Felisa Joy PobladorFelisa Joy Poblador

    “Be honest in identifying opportunities and do your best to work on them.” Felisa Joy Poblador is a Filipino with an experience in the BPO industry and is now applying for a position as a freelance data collector. Joy is an expert in obtaining information, preparing the data collected and sharing it with her employer. She knows the importance of reliable data that is to be used in various domains that would be a helpful tool to anyone who requires the information. She views freelancing as a challenge because of procrastination but overcomes it by working hard and focusing.

  • Kelly DrakeKelly Drake

    “The most successful writers have a certain level of creativity that naturally flows.” Kelly Drake is an Adult Content Writer from the United States. She writes adult site reviews, e-books, adult product descriptions, and writing adult oriented blog articles but she can also tag adult video contents. Aside from being an Adult Content writer, Kelly Drake is also pursuing her Master’s Degree in Criminology and a level 1 certified Gang Specialist. She says that outsourcing increased her freedom to be creative and that she enjoys telling people that she is a freelance Adult Content Writer because it is viewed as a unique profession.

  • Shafiqul IslamShafiqul Islam

    “I am an expert having practical knowledge.” S M Shafiqul Islam is an Oracle Certified Developer and Database Administrator (DBA) from Bangladesh. He graduated with high grades and pursued Software Development because it is his passion. He specializes in database design, database-related software development, and database administration tasks. He also said that he is a j2ee expert and he can contribute in website development. He has done more than 100 projects and is willing to do more with incomparable quality. Aside from that, he sees himself professionally maturing in the field of freelance software development. It is because freelancing helped him financially.

  • Mark BuenafeMark Buenafe

    “Build a good relationship with your client for a good reputation, thus, giving you more jobs in the future.” Mark Vincent Buenafe is a Multimedia Artist from the Philippines who is freelancing by using his acquired skills in visual effects and in other multimedia –related enterprises. His strong suits are his skills in video promotions and/or presentations about the client’s website, company, products, and services. His creativity, knowledge and online training have given him an edge above others because of his persistence to obtain abilities that are useful in the outsourcing industry. He sees freelancing as a challenge because of client’s high expectations but with his determination, he can surely finish the tasks.

  • Sulaiman ZuberiSulaiman Zuberi

    “The contractor should provide you the best results every time since s/he has to prove his/her presence.” Sulaiman Zuberi is a market research specialist from Pakistan. He graduated from Pacific States University, Los Angeles, with an MBA in marketing and a certification course in Application Programming from UCLA. Research jobs are his primary interest earning more than 25 years of experience. His other specialties include recruiting, business consulting/planning, customer services, etc. He has finished 43 jobs at oDesk, six at Elance and earned feedback scores of 4.94 and 5.0 respectively. He believes that attention to details, observation, use of Boolean technique and keyword searching skills are essential to be successful in his field.

  • Mahmoud KandeelMahmoud Kandeel

    “I insist that online work depends heavily on the morals of both of the contractor and employer.” Mahmoud Kandeel is an Oracle developer from Egypt. He has an educational training for Oracle developing and administrator. His expertise includes understanding the client’s needs, creation of Oracle database, application testing, moving application into “Live” phase and supporting database and application. Aside from that, he has an experience in customer service and lives by the saying, “the customer is always right.” He believes that communication is the key to a successful partnership. He views freelancing as his secondary job and a support for financial needs.

  • Gemma HereterGemma Hereter

    “Outsourcing Online Marketing is a good choice for any employer. Nowadays, technology allows you to follow the job that is being done, and allows you to get the results of your employee as if you were sitting in the same room.” Gemma Hereter is a Manager from Spain. She also has high skills in marketing, sales, public relations and product management. Her expertise includes building an online brand, creating campaigns and blogs, the use of social websites, email marketing, SEO and SEM. She says that she is very proactive and always prioritizes the business interest of the employer. She sees freelancing as building social/business connections around the world.

  • Rachel OndanganRachel Ondangan

    “Make sure you're committed, because in order to succeed, you need to have commitment.” Rachel Ondangan is a provider of Writing Services in the Philippines. She is targeting to get a job as an E-book Ghost Writer. Her level of expertise in writing doesn’t limit her works in just content writing. She also writes for leisure, like poems, musical lyrics, fiction novels, children’s books and she hopes to be published soon. Aside from that, she also has an inclination in business. It means that she can cater to whatever the employer needs of her. Freelancing is her way to have money in the convenience of her time.

  • Alisa Kennon

    “You can research and learn a lot, but you will learn more if you just do it hands-on.” Alisa Kennon is a German-American Bilingual freelance agent from the US. She offers services of German-English Translations. With her racial and cultural background, we can determine that she is very knowledgeable with the German language and also of the American English language. She can translate different kinds of texts for clients - from 3-sentence long ads to business documents and contracts with 400 + pages. She is an efficient worker and can provide income for the employer or company. She thinks that to have a good working relationship, the employer and employee must communicate as often as possible.

  • Michelle TayoMichelle Tayo

    “Practice really makes perfect, that’s why one needs to keep on trying until he reaches his best.” Michelle Tayo is a Data Entry services expert from the Philippines. Being a housewife, Michelle can work as a full-time freelancer. She is focused on details, types accurately, follows strict instructions, and has great communication skills. She has been trained in keyword searching, search engine optimization, and research and data mining. Aside from data entry, she can also do internet research/browsing, teach English, write articles, customer-support, etc. She is hardworking, honest, and is dedicated to her job. She believes that there is always room for learning.

  • Catherine SibiCatherine Sibi

    “Great business means great people working together, guided by the belief of their own greatness and the difference that they can make for each other and for the people they serve.” Catherine Sibi is a working mom from the Philippines. She specializes in Graphic Design but she is also capable of the following: Web Design, Virtual Assistance, Social Media Management, Content Writing/Management, Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce Site Management, and more. She uses Google Docs/Calendar/Analytics, CRM, Magento, Wordpress, Adobe Photoshop/Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, InDesign, etc. to aid her in work. She believes one should constantly learn and update his knowledge and that honesty is a must.

  • Mukund MohanMukund Mohan

    “Become fluent in English, know your area of expertise well, and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions of the client.” Mokund Mohan is a Wordpress Developer from India. He has more than four years of experience in this field, and works both in a software company and as a freelancer. He has a deep interest in Web Designing and Web Development. Some of his core skills include WordPress, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and Ajax. His specialties are Plugin Development, Theme Development, Plugin Installation, and Theme Installation. He believes that for the success of a project, regular communication is a must and one should not be afraid to ask questions and clear doubts.

  • Melody ViarinoMelody Viarino

    “Never cheat on your employer in any way.” Melody Viarino is an online bookkeeper from the Philippines. She specializes in making checks payable for the suppliers, monthly cash flow for investment and disbursement purposes. She also checks financial advances, bank reconciliation and assists the accountant for financial statements. She has also been working for an NGO in Cebu, Philippines as a Main Office Bookkeeper for almost 4 years now, showing that she has acquired a significant amount of experience and that she is trust-worthy of accounts from the clients. She says that freelancing made her more culturally-aware and socially-adaptive.

  • Kaushik FarhanKaushik Farhan

    “A freelancer should read all about the freelancing site where he or she will earn a lot of experience.” Kaushik Farhan is a full-time all-around professional Freelancer. Kaushik is very self-reliant and passionate in building, managing and fostering connections and discussions in the social media platforms. He specializes in social media marketing, social media advertising and profitable social media interactions. He is also knowledgeable in SEO, web research, logo & banner design, virtual assistance and data entry. In the matter of client relations, Kaushik uses social media for public relations and he gives high importance to the deadline given to him. He sees freelancing as a challenge that is waiting to be completed.

  • Dexter CambaDexter Camba

    “Treat your service providers as your partners and as co-equal professionals; don’t think that they’re lesser than you.” Dexter Camba is a website content writer from the Philippines. He specializes in writing SEO-optimized articles, website content, press releases, and strategic business analyses. He has 25 years of offline work experience and has acquired over 20 five-star reviews in less than two years of his career in professional online content writing. He is competent, reliable, and can offer the best value for his clients. He believes that mutual trust and respect are the bases for a long-term, mutually-satisfying outsourcing relationship.

  • Rutchel CusiRutchel Cusi

    “There should be a clear delineation of what is expected and time frame within which it is expected from the individual.” Rutchel Cusi is an Administrative Support Professional and a graduate of Bachelor of Laws from the Philippines. Her areas of expertise are providing administrative and legal guidance, being in charge in the miscellaneous paper work and data and de-clogging the load of work for law practitioners and business owners as a paralegal. She said that she enjoys being a freelance paralegal because of its investigative interviews, case preparation, drafting written reports, research and carrying out duties for law practitioners and business owners.

  • Marc BaasMarc Baas

    “The candidate would be both versatile and dynamic and be a good problem solver when it comes to explaining ideas between parties separated by distance.” Marc Baas is applying for the position of Project Manager. He is a software developer/IT Project Manager from Italy. He is a long-time Project Manager who has an experience in working for private and government-owned companies. It means that he is very flexible when it comes to project’s terms and conditions. With his extensive 25-year experience in managing such schemes, he is surely a tried-and-tested leader. Whether freelance or field-work, Marc is a natural leader.

  • B Shiva KumarB Shiva Kumar

    “I not only understand the challenges people face in business, but also the leadership aspect.” B Shiva Kumar is a business coach from India. With more than seven years of experience, he has coached over 30 projects on sales, marketing, and delivery for process improvement; worked with over 500 professionals/students on leadership, learning and life skills; and has been rewarded as a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation, among other awards. Aside from those, he has experience with running small business operations. He has coached people on Personal Development, Team Building, and Performance and Context Coaching. He believes that he can help people not only in terms of business, but in their personal lives as well.

  • Shaibal DharShaibal Dhar

    Shaibal Dahr is an HVAC Writer with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Bangladesh. He is a tried-and-tested HVAC writer. He has been hired in oDesk for a lot of HVAC projects. His strengths are her good feedbacks from his previous HVAC writing gigs. He insists that the writing style that he has is purely technical and helpful for those who don’t understand their cooling and heating systems. He guarantees guidance for every step of the process. He enjoys freelancing because his inner passion is to provide people technical understanding of the products that they have purchased.

  • Siddharth SinghSiddharth Singh

    “Working as a freelancer helps in developing a confidence in design abilities and building a strong profile for future references.” Siddharth Singh is a Civil Engineer from India specializing in Civil Engineering Design. It means designing Civil Structures, Hydrological data interpretation, Structural Analysis, Surveying, etc. He is working both as a manager in civil designs and as a freelancer. Some major specializations he can offer are Geology, Hydrology, Transportation, Concrete designs, etc. He believes that to be an expert in this field, one must have a firm belief in his designing capabilities and one must be able to take criticism and adapt his work to the building standards of another country.

  • Krizelle De La CruzKrizelle De La Cruz

    “Experience is gained through job experience and self-training.” Krizelle De La Cruz is a student and a Freelance agent in the Philippines. She has ventured in the outsourcing business and worked in the fields of Web Research, Email Response Handling, and Data Entry. She acquired skills in 24/7 customer service, administrative support, writing and translation, and business marketing. She wishes to be a staff manager because she has already maintained excellent levels of the skills mentioned. She is hard-working and eager to learn more abilities as she wants to be in the outsourcing business for a long period of time.

  • Tyrell GobelTyrell Gobel

    “I have made mistakes and learnt from them, I work very hard and long hours.” “Being professional is really important in my opinion.” Tyrell is a print design expert from South Africa. He has acquired 13 years of experience and has taught other designers too. He designs in mediums like billboards, banners, company logos, etc. His specialties include photo retouching, corporate identities, vector/raster template designs, etc. His skills are manually tracing artworks using Bezier/pen tool and identifying fonts. He knows the uses of Illustrator, CorelDraw, InDesign, etc. Tyrell always answers client’s questions fast and give updates every day.

  • Stephen JonesStephen Jones

    “To use the old management cliché, it’s a win-win situation!” Stephen Jones is an award-winning business strategist from the United Kingdom. He is also qualified in the fields of accounting, marketing and project management, with an academic training in Accounting and in Marketing. He also has a 20-year experience in the business-related companies that deals with different industries. He is very exact and uses specifics in projecting values so that means that he is very attentive to detail and very accurate in income-generation. He is a leader more than a team player and his strengths are drawn from hard-work, skill-usage and analytical thinking.

  • Irteza RehmanIrteza Rehman

    “A mutual trust is the only way to success in this business.” Irteza Rehman is a part-time blog writer from Pakistan. He specializes in blog writing with his knowledge in graphic and logo design. He had written works for many globally known online companies and he is also comfortable in doing SEO, Ezine-ready and content-related projects. He is highly experienced and can surely provide quality blogs. Aside from outsourcing, he is also a teacher at an elite school in Pakistan. Knowing that, he is surely productive and hardworking. He views freelancing as a profitable profession that should be taken seriously and given high importance.

  • Chip JohnsonChip Johnson

    “Try watching your favorite movie with the sound muted. It doesn’t have much impact now, does it?” Chip Johnson is freelance sound designer, mixer, musician, and studio engineer from Los Angeles. He has a 20-year experience in music and 10-year experience in sound. The music and sounds that he makes are often used in film, television and games. He is very passionate in Music that he even had himself academically trained. Aside from that, he is very fond of the Arts. He writes, does multimedia arts and also has a skill in Photography. He knows what he is doing and can do it perfectly.

  • Zaheer AhmedZaheer Ahmed

    “Try to complete some projects and create your own portfolio.” Zaheer Ahmed is a freelance call center agent from Pakistan. He specializes in providing helpful and quality service for the customers by using his ability to express via phone. He is also highly knowledgeable in sales and has a dream of becoming a sales engineer. Zaheer loves to work and strives very hard to achieve this goal. He has a high regard in improving his skills so he can use it to provide valuable work. He points out that communication should never be absent on an employee-employer relationship. He views freelancing as a gateway to attain his visions.

  • Gregory M ThomasGregory M Thomas

    “The ideal candidate would be a project manager who has managed projects with a variety of different fields of expertise.” Gregory M. Thomas is a certified Project Manager based in Thailand and Hong Kong. He has 20 years of experience of being hired by globally competitive companies, some belonging in the Fortune 500 list. He has assisted Asian companies to be more acknowledged and help them increase their profit by a significantly substantial percentage. His knowledge on the job incorporated by the educational training that he achieved, he is surely a great addition to an excellent roster of employees. As a freelancer, he is surely someone who can bring improvements to the organization.

  • Sayeed WaheedSayeed Waheed

    “When working on project plan, I always ask myself, how should I define, plan, manage and control the project?” Sayeed al Waheed is a Telecommunications Engineer from Bangladesh. He was awarded for his freelance Project Managing skills. He also has other skills like writing academic articles, magazines, newspapers for various important aspects of project management. Aside from this, he is also taking social awareness classes so that he could work with the team well. He also ensures us that he is open to communication and will always be on track. He has been freelancing for quite a while now. With that being said, we can be assured that he knows what he is doing.

  • Katherine BiasbasKatherine Biasbas

    “The benefits of working online from home outweigh the challenges.” Katherine Biasbas is a graduate of Landscape Architecture in the Philippines. Although she had graduated Architecture, she doesn’t want to practice it. She became a children’s book illustrator, transcriptionist and a customer service representative. She is applying as a web researcher because of her expertise in the process of searching, gathering and/or collecting available information through the Internet. Her experience in the field of customer service shows that she has first-class skills in data gathering and that she has excellent work ethics. She likes freelancing because she can spend more time with her parents.

  • Muntaha FiazMuntaha Fiaz

    “Be confident in what you do and never hesitate to tell the employer what you are capable of.” Muntaha Fiaz offers writing services specializing in research papers. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration and finished MBA as well. For her, a good research paper writer should have good writing skills, research skills, critical thinking skills, evaluating skills, and should express himself effectively. She believes that outsourcing research papers is big a help to employers because the freelancer not only conducts the research near or within her country but also has access to people all over the world. She believes in the importance of being detail-oriented and that plagiarism is never an option.

  • Abhimanyu BindAbhimanyu Bind

    “A freelancer should be dedicated to his work and must ensure quality to the employers.” Abhimanyu Bind is an accountant and auditor from India. He has gained five years of experience from working in accounting and auditing firms, and the like. He specializes in accounts taxation, and audit related work but he’s also capable of translating English to Hindi/Gujarati and vice versa, Data entry and typing, Letter drafting, and surveys. He is knowledgeable of the laws of accounting, audits, and data processing. He believes that gaining faith and trust of an employer is essential. He ensures dedication and the best quality of work for any employer.

  • Charelyn Agner

    “Be vigilant and let your mind flow.” Charelyn Agner is a freelance Creative Writer from the Philippines. He has finished several courses in College but he says that Creative writing is his true passion and that he wants to pursue it. He specializes in SEO, blog-writing, proof-reading and also assures that he is a word-chain expert. Charelyn also has above average skills in business and sales. He takes his time in doing the project, particular in details and editing, and takes his time to give the client a high-grade project. He shares that freelancing for him is an exercise of his skills and attention to detail.

  • Dennis OjwangDennis Ojwang

    “Know what you want… and you will get the best.” “Be honest with yourself, with the skills you have, and you will benefit the most.” Dennis Ojwang is a geographer from Kenya. He has a vast knowledge and information in GeoInformation, Research, Statistics, and Statistical Analysis (both with social and spatial data). His specialties include GIS, Remote Sensing, Geodatabase/Databases, Cartography, and Geostatistics. He is an expert on map making, developing desktop maps, and web application maps. He believes that choice of words can influence how the message is interpreted and so every second of communication should be treated as official. He also places a high regard in honesty with oneself and his skills.

  • Stephanie Almeda

    “If you think you have what it takes to do a job such as writing speeches, try it!” Stephanie Almeda is a Freelance Speech Writer from the Philippines. Her specialty when it comes to speech writing is her ability to create strong and effective opening and closing remarks. She recognizes that the content of the speech must be inspirational and appealing to the audience. She sees to it that the speech would be comprehensive but also entertaining so that the listeners may enjoy while being educated on the subject matter being tackled. She values the customer’s feedback so she puts in a lot of effort in research.

  • Sebastian IlincaSebastian Ilinca

    “Get involved and committed with your project.” Sebastian Ilinca is a provider for business-related services from Romania. His specialty is comparing business strategies that would work in a specific situation that the organization is undertaking. His job is to provide them the advisable way, if it means that the organization must function according to the routine or if they should redesign the strategy to achieve the goal and the interest of the organization. Right now, Sebastian is also working as a management consultant. With that being said, we can all be assured that he knows what he is doing and he means business even if it is on-site or freelancing.

  • Joven BacladoJoven Baclado

    “Outsourcing the project management will lead a chance to learn new opportunity, interactions, shared skills, working environment, or even culture.” Joven Baclado is an Engineer in the Philippines. He was once an overseas worker and an entrepreneur. Joven’s aces are his services to other cultures, showing his flexibility to whatever kind of lifestyle his co-workers or other subordinates may have. He also had an experience in SEO and website development as a freelance Project Manager. With his degree in Business, experience and his ability to be a team player, Joven can definitely delegate and organize any team. He views freelancing to be a way to earn money without being away from his kids.

  • Divya ShravanthiDivya Shravanthi

    “Technical recruiters should be able to select and filter appropriate applicants based on their qualifications.” Divya Shravanthi is a Software Engineering graduate and a Freelancer from India. She has tremendous skills in Technical Recruitment, Technical specifications writing, Windows app development, Software development, and Software Testing. She wishes to be a Technical Recruiter since she has an experience on it and it involves her specialization in the IT industry. She says that her good communication skills helped her in head hunting, inviting candidates for interview, screening candidates, and salary negotiations. She values freelancing jobs because it allows her to do her job whenever, wherever.

  • Ehab EbrahimEhab Ebrahim

    “There is no successful project manager without the aid of a project management platform.” Ehab Ebrahim is a Production Engineer from Egypt. His strengths are his ability to manage projects and consolidate them in a very organized fashion. Ehab has a lot of experiences and was academically trained to provide production services and accurately facilitate projects that are of high importance. His high leadership skills and analytical thinking makes him an asset to the company as a Project Manager. He views freelancing as fun, interesting and a powerful tool to connect with a team consisting of different professionals from around the globe.

  • Aldren CastroAldren Castro

    “Be responsible. Walk your talk.” Alden Castro is an Android App developer from the Philippines. He specializes in creating simple android games, well-researched e-books, daily quote updates, video compilations, online tutorials, children’s picture books and education-related applications. In meeting deadlines, he is also particular in the duration of the work ordered. He is also an innovative entrepreneur giving him an edge in creating unique and user-friendly applications. He is also knowledgeable in programming tools. He says that he enjoys working as a freelancer because aside from hearing direct good response from the users of the applications, he can also spend time with his family.

  • Tahsin HossainTahsin Hossain

    “Give yourself a competitive edge - differentiate. Offer a service no one else does.” Tahsin Hossein is a Marketing Professional based on Canada. His expertise covers brand strategy development, campaign planning and execution, internal communication, social media management, and versatile leadership strategies. He is a marketing professional for more than six years now and his goal is to connect certain products to their target audience. He provides support for his clients in choosing and relating their services/products to the market via presentation. As a marketing professional, he guarantees that he only makes excellent quality presentations with infographics and animations to complete the experience.

  • Subramanya Rama RaoSubramanya Rama Rao

    I have delivered lectures on different platforms, like – Franchise consulting, HRM, for students on various subjects. In addition, have an outgoing concern to train Students on Soft Skills & Personality, Behavioral orientation. To impart industrial perspectives and prepare the students/executive community to take up challenging opportunities and build careers. In fact, I have extensively worked towards building Brand image and Brand equity for institutions and organizations where I have had association. As a student of Science from the Mysore University, I have excellent record of accomplishment, having participated in English Debates, Seminars, Science Fairs, extempore talks and Group Discussions. Have brought and won Rolling Shields and recognition in extra curricular activities. I am a Creative Writer, have published my articles in the Speaking Tree, columns of Times of India.

Sulaiman Zuberi Margaret Barvinek Md Arif Hasan Rutchel Cusi Kelly Drake Subramanya Rama Rao Chip Johnson Rayzle Ann Guanlao

A Mega Amount of Real Information about Outsourcing!

  • M. B. P. & G. is an email course that helps small business owners incorporate outsourcing into their everyday routine
  • Working as an Online Freelancer - introduces young freelancers to job boards from an employers point of view.
  • OUTSOURCING The Ability to Do Anything - introduces the online outsourcing industry as it is currently used today.
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Whether you are an Employer or a Freelancer, Its good to know something about each...

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A Mega Amount of Real Information about Outsourcing!

  • M. B. P. & G. is an email course that helps small business owners incorporate outsourcing into their everyday routine
  • Working as an Online Freelancer - introduces young freelancers to job boards from an employers point of view.
  • OUTSOURCING The Ability to Do Anything - introduces the online outsourcing industry as it is currently used today.
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Whether you are an Employer or a Freelancer, Its good to know something about each...

This is all free and there is something for everyone.

It's original and it is designed to help you and everyone in your industry.

Subscribe now for your free downloads...

Your information will not be shared with anyone.